Metamotors NFT


Founders Keys

Before the release, there will be 555 Founders Keys created and given away — for FREE. This NFT is proof of your support and involvement from the beginning, in addition to giving you lifetime whitelisting (akin to getting to cut the line that inevitably forms when a new sneaker or iPhone is released). As we foresee more drops in the future, this exclusive benefit has real value.

The Founders keys will also have the ability to earn a percentage of the royalties generated from the resales of MetaMotors NFT’s project. (more information on this benefit is forthcoming as we want to make sure we are able to comply). We also envision this as a way for individuals who haven’t tested the crypto waters before to enjoy a low-risk opportunity to learn how to operate in this particular ecosystem.


 MetaTruck is composed of three Component NFTs: a cab, a trailer, and a driver. These three components may be combined to form a Completed MetaTruck NFT. (The collision shop will be built after the product’s release.)

When the 3 Component NFTs are burned, a single Completed MetaTruck NFT is minted. Our Garage uses existing NFTs to build new NFTs.

MetaMotors will have 3,333 NFTs. Our Garage has enough parts to produce 1,100 Completed Trucks. These consist of: 1,100 Cabs, 1,100 Trailers, and 1,100 Drivers. There will also be 33 Special Edition NFT Glitches which cannot be purchased and only earned.

All 3,300 Components are imprinted with 1 of 33 unique branding of varying levels of rarity. Select Component NFTs — up to 110 of 3,300 — will be minted with a Sticker. There are 11 Sticker types (with differing rarities as well). Component NFTs with Stickers are considered rarer and more unique.



Branded Truck Component NFTs


Branded Cab NFTs


Branded Trailer NFTs


Branded Driver NFTs


Special Edition NFT Glitches


110 Component NFTs with a Sticker


Sticker Types (differing rarity)


Total Possible Trucks to be made

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