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Instead of being exploited for marketing, Discord should be used for community building and bonding.

We at MetaMotors have been following the NFT arena for a long time and have noticed how projects have been released and minted recently. We can’t say we’re impressed or believe it’s beneficial to the Web3/NFT space. We sat down and thought a long time before coming up with a solution that we believe addresses many of these difficulties.

Being in the Discord should be because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.-

People want to profit from ventures with a lot of buzz, as we’ve seen. However, the majority of these projects’ discords are populated by bots and imposters ( Discords having 100k,200k in a matter of a week or two) Despite the fact that there are bots in there, people enjoy seeing these numbers; knowing full well that after mint, there would be very few people left in the discord that are active and engaged in the community. At MetaMotors, we’re working on a system where you can join the discord if you want to, not because you have to.

So much time wasted trying to get onto the WL-

We’ve seen a lot of creative approaches for projects to get people interested in Pre-Mint opportunities. Some projects require so much time and effort to join the Pre-Mint list, even causing some people to outsource the effort. These steps cannot be healthy to a person’s mental health. Therefore, we devised a method for the entire community to gain access to a project without fear of losing half your life to get it.

How often have you heard the following after grinding for a week to acquire a WL and sharing this information with a friend. “Could you get one for me as well?” “Can you hook me up?” or “Is it too late for me to get in on it?” Well now you don’t need to feel bad as the answer can be YES. .

MetaMotors wants to do something different when it comes to Pre-Mint.

Founders Keys (FK) will be distributed through airdrop by MetaMotors. The first 555 early supporters in the MetaMotors discord, prior to closing of the discord, will be airdropped The Founders Key, as well as 4x Friend Keys that operate as Pre-Mint Passes. To economize on gas, The Founders Key & all 4x Friend Keys will be airdropped on the Polygon network to the Founders Key holder to distribute to friends, or anyone else, allowing the new holder to Pre-Mint (WL) without having to grind or even join the discord. After obtaining a Founders Key or Friends Pass, you can join the discord, through verification, to stay up to date on all announcements leading up to the mint. All Founders Keys and Friends Pass holders will be allowed to mint before the general public launch.

FREE Matic so you can send the Friends Keys on Polygon-

This project is going to be minting on Ethereum but the Founders Keys and Friends Keys will be on polygon so to be a low to no cost option. Not only will MetaMotors be giving each FoundersKey Holders 5x NFT’s. We will be sending around .08 in Matic so they can send all the Friends keys to their friends at NO cost to the Founders Keys holders.

Locked Discord:

As we mentioned before we are taking this project to the next level. The MetaMotors discord will be locked to everyone unless they are a MetaMotors Founders Key (FK), Friends Key (FK) or MetaMotors NFT holder.

You will be able to communicate with the MetaMotors team through Twitter comments/Posts and DMs. Plus, our website is full of everything you need to know!

Owning other NFT projects get you access

How many times has it happened where you hear about a project a day or two before it mints and you’re too late to access WL or Pre-Mint. We thought of this issue as well and have come up with a solution. If there are any remaining tokens available after Founders Key & Friends Key mint occurs. We are going to Pre-Mint anyone who is a holder of the following projects.

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